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Prefab Construction And Civil Construction

Prefab or Prefabricated construction is the process of manufacturing different components of a structure in a factory or manufacturing facility away from site and then transporting the complete set of components to the construction site for assembly of the structure. This is all referred to as Offsite Construction. Prefabricated construction solves several problems related to cramped, busy and dense urban environment construction sites. Transportation of material and equipment in the site area as well as on the site premises can be very troublesome, that would result in increased costs and extended timelines. Prefab construction is a perfect solution for all these problems. Offsite construction provides better provisions for planning and manufacturing building components in another place. ‍
Prefab Construction And Civil Construction

Panelized Wood Framing

These systems comprise of long pieces of frames built from laminated timber and covered with plywood or some roof deck

Steel Framing

Strong and durable steel framing systems are made from steel that can be used to construct buildings.

21st-Century Timber Framing - Fine Homebuilding

Timber Framing

Timber framing panels are used as prefabricated materials for construction of timber houses, not much common in India.

Products of Sandwich Panel - ONE Sandwich Panel

Sandwich Panels 

hese consist of an insulating core material that is covered with thin facings of materials on the two sides stuck firmly.


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